Why does your cat need novo tick and flea collar?

Ticks can transmit dangerous diseases, even that it is not very common in cats, a tick bite can still be nasty. A tick will grab deep into the skin of your cat and remain firmly attached. It’s not uncommon for cats to suffer an allergic reaction to the tick’s saliva – which causes the bites to become inflamed and painful. Tick infestation may cause a serious weakness, especially in kittens.

Fleas are a constant worry that your cat regularly pick through his coat.

When you find a flea, you know you have a problem. Not only will it mean that you have to spend the next few weeks constantly cleaning hoovering, and washing everything in the house, but there is also a risk that your cat may suffer from flea allergy dermatitis or one of other more serious diseases.

There are other options to eliminate fleas like spray, and spot on.

However, Novo collar is the best solution. It is very easy to deal with and it is affective against ticks

Spot-on drops are also an effective way of keeping your cat protected against fleas. But much like sprays, they’re only effective if you remember do it regularly – usually every four weeks

Even that we think of our home and gardens as safe places for our cats. It is still not the case. During the spring summer and autumn when temperature goes up there are plenty of fleas and ticks  that can easily be found there Cats are often a perfect target for a those insects.

Why use Novo flea and tick collar?

There are several different ways of fighting fleas and ticks, including spot-on treatments. Novo flea and tick collars is one of the best choices for several reasons. Novo collar remains effective for 6 months. You do not need to worry about treating your pet frequently. Novo is waterproof, which means you can put it on and forget about it, knowing that you have done your best to protect your dog from tick and flea

How does  Novo collar works?

Novo flea and tick collars contain two active ingredients Dinotefuran (which kills adult fleas and flea larvae) and flumethrin (which repels and kills adult and immature stages of ticks). Both ingredients work in synergy together and kill fleas and ticks through simple contact.  It means the parasites do not have to bite your cat to eliminate them.  The collar continuously releases a controlled dose. The active ingredients diffuse into the skin’s lipid layer, killing fleas and ticks on cats within 24 hours and remaining effective for up to six months. The active ingredients release starts once the collar comes into contact with your dog’s skin or coat. Unlike other treatments that work by releasing a pesticide into your cat’s blood, the ingredients in Novo are distributed externally, killing and repelling ticks and fleas through simple contact – which means they don’t have to bite your cat to be affected.