Why does your dog need novo tick and flea collar?

Ticks may cause serious health problems. A casual run in the grass near your house or in the garden may result in a ticks attaching and feeding on your dog, so it is important to make sure you have given your dog the best protection possible.

Fleas are also a constant worry that your dog regularly pick through his coat.

The fact is that if you do find a flea, you know you have a problem. Not only will it mean that you have to spend the next few weeks constantly cleaning and washing everything in the house, but there is also a risk that your dog will get flea allergy dermatitis or one of other more serious diseases.

There are plenty of options to eliminate fleas like spray, tablet and spot on

However, these readily available tablets and sprays may not always be the best solution for keeping your pets safe from fleas and ticks. . Treatments ingested by your dog require fleas or ticks to bite before they are affected. Spraying the dog may be a challenging task as spray need to be applied over the whole animal, whetting the coat.

Spot-on drops are also great way of keeping your dog protected against parasites. However, much like tablets and sprays, they are only effective if you remember to do it regularly – usually every four weeks.

Dogs can get infested with ticks quite easily. These parasites often live around your house in the grass in parks in the wood and in the fields.    They attached onto the coat of dogs as they pass through the grass. After finding the right spot to bite, they can stay attached to the dog for days. However, ticks might begin to pass on certain diseases, like tick-borne encephalitis and ehrlichiosis, within a few hours after attachment, which is why it is very important to eliminate the tick before they have the chance to bite your dog.

Why to use a Novo flea and  tick collar?

There are many different ways of fighting ticks, including spot-on treatments and tablets, but Novo flea and tick collars is the best choices for several reasons. Novo collar remain effective for 6 months, so you don’t need to worry about treating your pet frequently. Novo is waterproof, which means you can put it on and forget about it, knowing that you have done your best to protect your dog from ticks and fleas

How does the novo collar work?

Novo flea and tick collars contain two active ingredients Dinotefuran and flumethrin. The collar continuously releases a controlled dose. The active ingredients diffuse into the skin’s lipid layer, killing fleas on dogs within 24 hours and remaining effective for up to six months. The active ingredients  release starts once the collar comes into contact with your dog’s skin or coat. Unlike other treatments that work by releasing a pesticide into your dog’s blood, the ingredients in Novo collar are distributed externally, killing and repelling ticks and fleas through simple contact – which means the ticks and fleas are eliminated before they have the chance to bite your dog.